Summer Newsletter

Published 07 August, 2012

If you have tried the diets and gyms, you will know how frustrating it can be to keep the weight off and increase your confidence and self esteem. For lasting results, you need a sustainable programme designed for you and your body, as well as constant help and support.

Situated in Burton Salmon, a village in North Yorkshire easily accessible from all parts of the country, Fit Camp offers an initial week-long or weekend programme designed to help you achieve your goals through exercise and nutrition, with follow-up coaching and support from experts who know how to ensure you achieve your long term goals. Fit Camp specialises in fitness and weight loss courses for men and women, and guarantees weight loss, as well as giving the opportunity to tone up, kick-start a healthy new lifestyle based around a full exercise and nutrition programme, boost existing fitness levels and let off some steam after a stressful week at work.

Fit Camp can cater for groups of six to eight clients, giving you the opportunity to work with a team of professionals. Owner Jane Halstead has had many years of experience as a personal trainer and has brought together some of the area’s finest trainers, nutritional experts and advisors and is enthusiastic about what Fit Camp can offer: “I pride myself on creating imaginative, varied and fun ways to train that are both beneficial and professional,” explains Jane. “My passion for exercise and helping clients to reach their goals and beyond is what I believe sets me apart from other personal trainers. I get a great sense of achievement in helping others improve their lives.”

Fit Camp does not adopt a boot camp training programme and the programme is carried out in a controlled and sensible environment. It also provides ongoing aftercare support for attendees, including a regular newsletter, recipes, special offers and a follow-up contact to check on your progress.